Our Process
  • Fresh, whole muscle meats
  • Functional Superfoods
  • Human Grade ingredients
  • USDA and FDA certified plant and suppliers
  • Proteins come directly from Farmers-no middlemen or brokers
  • We manufacture 100% of our products-no copackers
  • Thermometers on each case of product to closely monitor temperatures enroute
  • Beef is thoughtfully raised and cared for by farmers who only use vaccinations when required to prevent disease. No added hormones or steroids.
  • Lamb, Pork, Turkey and Chicken are free roam and given no antibiotics, added hormones or steroids.

Along with our sustainable farming efforts, also think of promoting us as great stewards
of pet food, delivering exceptional products while caring for all animals in a caring, humane way. From farm to bowl, we care.


Quality Assurance
  1. Upon arriving at our plant, all raw materials are tested
  2. Tests are routinely performed on each batch during processing
  3. Finished goods are tested by a 3rd party lab. All product is held in the plant until tests results are received back from the lab.

We have an industry leading QA process. Because we source all of our proteins from human grade farmers, all of the meats are tested and lot coded prior to leaving the plant. We utilize a 3 step testing process:

OXYION Process

In addition to our diligent testing protocol, we utilize an industry leading technology to prevent cross contamination. Oxyion controls surface and air contaminants. It is a force field to ensure that no contamination happens once the meat arrives in our plant or when it leaves the plant. It remains active for hours and days after treatment to help prevent ethylene gas and mold.

While Oxyion prevents and kills 99.99% of pathogens, it does not change the integrity, taste or texture of the product. To help ensure optimal temperature is maintained from our plant to the distributor and then to your local pet store, we adhere a disposable thermometer to each case of raw diets.

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